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Wealth Planning
Wealth planning starts from the assessment of the Client’s personal and wealth situation, as well as of his or her needs and requirements, and is instrumental to the identification of all solutions under the civil and tax law that are fit to meet said needs and requirements (from support in writing complex wills to setting up trust funds, holding entities, simple partnerships, deeds setting specific purposes for the use of assets, foundations, etc.).

Design and preparation of deeds to set up Trusts
The activity consists in making an advisory proposal that is bespoke to meet the client’s needs and intentions.

Trusts and "After we pass"
The Company providers an advisory service regarding the protection and care of vulnerable persons (disqualified, incapacitated, under guardianship or curatorship, or vulnerable because they are minors or elderly)


Trustee, co-Trustee and Protector
The Company provides its services and consulting activities fully autonomously and independently for the management of complex estates comprising not only liquidity/financial instruments but also real estate assets, equity investments, works of art, etc., located in Italy and abroad. Its activity also includes the fully autonomous management of all the requirements lying with the trust under the civil law, keeping of the mandatory books of the trust, etc.

Furthermore, the Company engages in co-trustee activities, cooperating with trustees, both natural and legal persons, in the management and administration of estates requiring complex and diverse expertise.
The activity as trustee is performed for newly set up trusts and for trusts already in operation, both in Italy and abroad.

Generational Transition and Wealth Protection

Asset administration and management for companies and natural persons

Interim Management