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Wealth Planning

Wealth planning starts from the assessment of the Client’s personal and wealth situation, as well as of his or her needs and requirements, and is instrumental to the identification of all solutions under the civil and tax law that are fit to meet said needs and requirements.

Generational Transition and Wealth Protection

Design and preparation of deeds to set up Trusts
The activity consists in making an advisory proposal that is bespoke to meet the client’s needs and intentions.

Trustee, co-Trustee and Protector

The Company provides its services and consulting activities fully autonomously and independently for the management of complex estates comprising not only liquidity/financial instruments but also real estate assets, equity investments, works of art, etc., located in Italy and abroad.

It is an independent entity engaged in qualified operations in the trust scope (as trustee and protector) in Italy.

The Grevision Trust Company has a dotted-line relationship with the CLAS Network and has developed all the appropriate skills for the management of the operations of complex trusts of various types, for which it can perform the management of and extraordinary transactions on their assets.
The Grevision Trust Company has gained considerable experience in the management of trusts with full ownership of real estate assets, also located abroad, shares in family holding entities, complex wealth management schemes and diverse in terms of jurisdictions, financial and insurance funds.

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News 12/05/2023
Minority shareholders’ value

Thursday, May 18 2023, 11:00 am - 12:00 noon (within the Il Salone del Risparmio – the Italian largest event in the asset management industry)
Mi.Co - Milano Congressi | Amber 1 Room
Via Gattamelata, 5 Milan

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