accent Grevision Trust Company

It is an independent entity engaged in qualified operations in the trust scope (as trustee and protector) in Italy.

The Grevision Trust Company has a dotted-line relationship with the CLAS Network and has developed all the appropriate skills for the management of the operations of complex trusts of various types, for which it can perform the management of and extraordinary transactions on their assets.
The Grevision Trust Company has gained considerable experience in the management of trusts with full ownership of real estate assets, also located abroad, shares in family holding entities, complex wealth management schemes and diverse in terms of jurisdictions, financial and insurance funds.

The Trust management activity, which consists in taking on positions as Trustee and Protector under the Hague Trust Convention of 1 July 1985, endorsed by the Republic of Italy with law no, 364 of 16 October 1989, comprises the management of liquidity/financial instruments, real estate management, the management of works of art, the active management of equity investments , mandatory accounting management, fully independent management of all the requirements lying with trusts under the civil law and the keeping of all mandatory books required of trusts.